Meet the bees

Every bee that I create has its own unique character and story to tell. They don’t make it into the ‘Just Bee’ hive without some skill and talent.
Illustration of a fuzzy black and yellow bee hovering in profile


Bombi is a master performer and a source of genuine amusement at open mic nights in the hive. Quick witted and renowned for hilarious and sometimes outrageous storytelling, Bombi will say just about anything to hear the adoring hum of the hive’s wings flapping in applause.

Illustration of a black, yellow and brown bee hoveringBracken

Bracken is a flamboyant individual who loves nothing more than to express emotion through dance. Unquestionably the centre of attention on a quiet evening in the hive, Bracken’s sensational, funny and quirky dance moves always cause a massive buzz.

Illustration of black, yellow and white bumblebee flying towards the leftBaylee

A romantic wanderer, best known for developing the distinctive ‘swing & swoop’, mid-air manoeuvre. Baylee didn’t realise everyone was watching those practice runs, but this elegant and efficient petal landing technique was quickly adopted by the rest of the hive and has led to an extremely impressive increase in pollen yield.

Illustration of black, yellow and white bumblebee flying awayBobbi

Bobbi is an active team member and always seems to be on a mission. Determined and focused on the goal ahead, Bobbi is consistently the first bee out of the hive in the morning. Bobbi is a natural bee motivator and has become popular for reliably finding fields of colourful, fresh and pollen-packed flowers.

Illustration of black and yellow bumblebee hovering


A curious, quirky and peaceful creature, Bo is a watcher of the world and an optimistic philosopher. Bo is often found hovering in mediation, giving wise answers to all the hive’s deepest and most important questions.


Illustration of black, yellow and white bumblebee flying towards the rightBlaize

A phenomenally fast flyer and a technically stunning acrobat in the air. Blaize is poised and ready for a challenge. A connoisseur of the most refined pollen, Blaize became a beloved member of the hive because of an unusual talent for seeking out rare and hidden flowers for everyone to share.

Illustration of a black, yellow and brown bee hoveringBako

Bako enjoys thinking-up with innovative ideas to stand out from the crowd. Famous for concocting the ‘Brilz bee’ styling wax, much to Bako’s annoyance this product made an extra glossy coat with defined spikes trendy, a look which is still going strong today.


The ‘Just Bee’ hive

All of these fun, friendly bees have made their home in a secret hive they have named ‘Just Bee’. Bombi suggested the name because the hive had become a place for all sorts of bees to live in harmony. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a yellow, brown, black or white fuzzy bottom, every bee is accepted and cherished in the ‘Just Bee’ hive.