Illustration of the word 'Braw' formed by a thistle with a bee in hovering at thistle head


‘Braw’ is print #4 in a quirky collection by the artist Cat Lawson. The Thistle Kingdom Collection brings Scottish words to life in the form of unique and characterful thistles. This charming print is a reproduction taken from an original hand crafted painting produced using a cross-hatch ink drawing technique and watercolour.

What does ‘braw’ mean?

Braw” is Scottish word meaning fine or pleasant, especially in relation to the weather “It’s a braw day the day” or “It’s a braw, bricht, moonlicht nicht the nicht“. If someone calls you a “braw lassie” they think you’re  attractive or pretty.

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A fantastic gift for all lovers of Scotland ‘Braw’ could be given to someone that you think is amazing or perhaps buy it to remind yourself how braw life is! This word would work in combination with the print ‘Blether” as in “thanks, that was a braw blether”.

Professionally printed on high quality 300gsm Italian paper with a felt mark finish and off white shade. The prints are packed in a cellophane with card backboard and hard-backed envelope for safe delivery.

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