Illustration of the word 'Jings' formed by thistles with a bee flying towards leaf


‘Jings’ is print #5 in a quirky collection by the artist Cat Lawson. The Thistle Kingdom Collection brings Scottish words to life in the form of unique and characterful thistles. This charming print is a reproduction taken from an original hand crafted painting produced using a cross-hatch ink drawing technique and watercolour.

What does ‘jings’ mean?

Jings” is an exclamation. In the same way as words like “cripes” or “—sakes”, some people use it to replace swear words. Around Scotland the expression “well jings crivens and help ma boab” is used to express mock surprise.

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‘Jings’ is a fantastic gift for all lovers of Scotland. You could give this to someone when you want to express how impressed you are with them.

Professionally printed on high quality 300gsm Italian paper with a felt mark finish and off white shade. The prints are packed in a cellophane with card backboard and hard-backed envelope for safe delivery.

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