Illustration of the word 'Slanj' formed by thistles


‘Slanj’ is print #6 in a quirky collection by the artist Cat Lawson. The Thistle Kingdom Collection brings Scottish words to life in the form of unique and characterful thistles. This charming print is a reproduction taken from an original hand crafted painting produced using a cross-hatch ink drawing technique and watercolour.

What does ‘slanj’ mean?

Slanj” is the phonetic form of the Gaelic word “slainthe”. As a traditional Scottish toast meaning ‘health’, with “slanj-a-va” (good health) as the response. You’ll likely hear this at celebrations or in a pub when glasses are raised and chinked to wish each other well.

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A fantastic gift for all lovers of Scotland, ‘Slanj’ could be bought to wish someone well in a new venture or to thank them for their help. Or more simply you may want to gift this to a favourite drinking buddy as a reminder of good times.

Professionally printed on high quality 300gsm Italian paper with a felt mark finish and off white shade. The prints are packed in a cellophane with card backboard and hard-backed envelope for safe delivery.

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